From now on, it will be the time to affect large businesses and societies, not only businesses and companies, but individuals and individuals.

For the marketing industry, by following up on not only the mass-marketing, where big companies invest huge budget, but also new and effective marketing based on “art, creative, technology”, it is possible to reach effective performance and to give enormous influence with small budget.
LampTokyo think, that we can take part and promote the trend and lead it all the time.

Not sticking with specified companies and industries and use effectively multiple types of marketing knowledge, we support Japanese products and services that want to be in the spotlight of the world.
With the diversification of media, the complexity of customer journeys, and the rapid progress of marketing technology, advertisers are chased by KGI / KPI. We are constantly searching for what kind of marketing measures, including online and offline, will be most effective.
Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of mass advertising / digital advertising / PR / in-store sales promotion / event / SNS communication. Because those tasks are complex, advertising agencies, PR agencies, and digital agencies often share their roles with their specialists for individual optimization.
However, it is very important to produce marketing measures while grasping them in one strategy and taking a whole view, and you need a partner who can commit to a project in the position of an advertiser. We believe that a "MARKETING PRODUCER" will be indispensable to optimize such communication as a whole.
Marketing and Produce
From planning of campaigns to marketing strategies mainly for entertainment industry such as TV, movies, music, apparel, games, animation and events. Same perspective with business owner, we will work to identify issues, search for solutions, support agent management and support comprehensive advertising production.
Branding and Marketing
Analyze problems and points of improvement for products and services from brand to marketing perspective, create the base of campaign.
Plan the comprehensive marketing campaign such as TV commercial or outdoor, offline and digital advertising. In parallel we use social media and their organic reach.
Media building
Select the suited Ads spots for campaign and design complete media plan which focus engagement and publicity on social media.
We offer everything from creative planning to direction and we can create strategic advertisement by using rich connection with the best creators representing the industry.
CEO / Marketing producer
Joined SONY in 2004, Takaki was incharge of Sales, Marketing and Advertising for VAIO, Cybershot, Handycam and α in Japan and Asia district for 8 years.
From 2012, Takaki was promoted to Japan Marketing chief of PlayStation and lead Marketing and Advertising for Japanese market for 5 years.

As a project leader of Advertising for PlayStation 4 in 2014, Takaki organized Marketing campaign and he promoted "Innovation for game". That strategy lead to success because he contributed restoration of console which was overwhelmed by mobile gaming industry. Since then, Takaki improved PlayStation business.

Joined Netflix Japan as Marketing Manager in 2017. Takaki lead overarching Marketing such as Branding, Advertising, Media communication/management , PR and contributed to brand building and membership acquisition for Japanese market.

November, 2018, Takaki build his own company "LampTokyo, Inc" it means " Light the fire, illuminate the light" . LampTokyo, Inc. provide advertising services.
LampTokyo Inc.
WATANABE BUILDING 6F 1-3-8, Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0061, JAPAN
Founded  Nov,2018
CEO  Takaki Matoba